It's Smart to Have Battery Backup

We offer solar generator installation services in Manchester, Auburn, NH & Randolph, ME

From stormy weather to power outages or cloudy stretches, solar panels' energy output can be affected. That's why battery backup integrated with your system makes sense. At Sunup Solar we're here to help in Randolph, ME and Manchester, Auburn and Derry, NH.

You can rely on us to...

  • Determine the right capacity and energy needs
  • Integrate the equipment seamlessly with your solar setup

Don't hesitate to reach out and explore our solar generator installation services.

No need to worry when the power goes out

With our Auburn, NH or Randolph, ME team on the job, a solar battery backup installation means you're covered during widespread power outages. Thanks to an uninterrupted power supply, you can keep working, cooking, and going about your daily routines without a hitch.

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