Always Hire a Pro to Do Solar Panel Repair Work

Our technicians in Manchester, Auburn, NH & Randolph, ME are standing by to assist you

Performing solar panel maintenance is crucial if you want your system to continue running efficiently. Instead of attempting do-it-yourself solar panel repairs to save money, rely on Sunup Solar to fix your equipment in Randolph, ME and Manchester, Auburn and Derry, NH. We provide affordable service to residential and commercial clients in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Call 603-860-2509 now to find out when we can stop by to repair your solar panels.

How can we improve the efficiency of your equipment?

Performing solar panel maintenance typically involves...

  • Troubleshooting any issues
  • Replacing worn-out components
  • Making adjustments to optimize energy production

Once we inspect your equipment and perform diagnostic testing, we can figure out what needs to be done. Contact us today to get your solar panel system looked at by experienced technicians in Randolph, ME or Manchester, Auburn or Derry, NH.